HPLC Eluent HPLC Eluent

HPLC eluent, also known as the mobile phase or eluent, HPLC analysis is essential reage...

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Jiangsu Mingchem combined biotechnology limited company founded in 2012, is located in the science and education city, Changzhou City, Changzhou "Dragon city talents program" third returning leading talents led the founder of high-tech innovation enterprise, specializing in innovative drugs, foreign high-end medical raw materials research and development, pharmaceutical intermediate production and marketing of high-end high-tech biological pharmaceutical enterprises. At present, the company has a research staff of more than 30 people, including returnees postdoctoral 2, pH 3, master 6. Jiangsu Mingchem Corporation offers you the best China topramezone, picoxystrobin, formylhydrazine, pyrazosulfuron ethyl, triphenylmethyl bromide. Welcome to contact us.
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